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School Closure - key information for parents

Free School Meals

Children who currently receive free school meals will be able to collect a packed lunch from Brynteg School lower school reception on Monday 23rd March between 1pm and 2pm. If any arrangements change we will notify the relevant parents by text / app message.


Please let us know via ask@oldcastleprimary.co.uk if you need assistance.

Message from Mr Thompson 20th March 2020

Dear Parents 


I wanted to personally thank you for your support over the last few days. I know that we are in unprecedented times and that information at times has been confusing and contradictory. School leaders, like many others, are trying to make sense of the current events and respond to these and I greatly appreciate your understanding at this time.  


As a headteacher, I have been humbled by the response shown by staff to the current situation. Their dedication to our school, community and pupils demonstrates the deep sense of professional, social and community responsibility they have. I know that this will continue over the next few days and weeks until we return to a normal rhythm. I cannot praise or thank them enough for their endeavours to date and the important work that they will continue to do in the coming days. 


I am continually amazed at the resilience of our pupils. They have faced each day exceptionally well and have risen to the changes and challenges presented. They also have brought joy and laughter which has continues to be invaluable at this time. We will ensure that we provide the very best education and support during this period. 


Despite the current climate what I can promise you is that for however long the current situation lasts we will provide as much support, warmth and guidance as we can to all families connected to Oldcastle. We will also ensure that this support continues when we return to normal so that reintegration is as seamless as we can make it. 


We will endeavour to keep our interaction human (although often not in person) and as a first port of call we have our ask@oldcastleprimary.co.uk email. 


We will update you with information about Key Workers as we receive this.


If I was to ask anything of our community during the coming days it is that we continue to be kind to each other, to act out of compassion and not fear and that we live by the values that exemplifies our school.


Message regarding school closure


Further to the announcement made by the Minister of Education today Oldcastle Primary

School will close early for the Easter break on Friday 20th March at normal time. Firstly, we would like to thank you for your support during this unprecedented time and for the work of the staff at Oldcastle who have been exceptional in the most challenging of circumstances. 


Over the next 2 days the school will operate on a reduced capacity due to staff absence.  Therefore if you can make alternative childcare arrangements we ask you to consider this at this stage.  


Those families that require school as normal we will endeavour to ensure we provide a broad and rich curriculum as it is every other day.


Should we be unable to maintain opening we will of course let you know at the earliest opportunity.  Based on the information we have as of this evening we can continue to operate normally until this Friday.


We have been working to provide learning for all children while away from school. Please keep an eye on our usual media feeds for information on how to access this for your child/children.  We anticipate this being up and running by Monday 23rd March. Children can log onto their Google account via any windows / apple based search engine by logging onto the website www.google.co.uk.  Please contact us if you need help.


We appreciate this will be a concerning time for children and families and if you need ongoing support during the period of closure please email ask@oldcastleprimary.co.uk 


We know that there will be specific concerns around some groups of pupils: 


Free school meals - at this stage we have no further information on local authority arrangements concerning free school meals.  We will update you as soon as we have further information.


SEN - if your child has special educational needs Miss Hodgson will continue to provide support to these families.  If you have any specific concerns please email ask@oldcasteprimary.co.uk and put SEN in the title.


We would encourage parents to keep in touch with us during this period of closure via ask@oldcastleprimary.co.uk so please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss anything relating to the school or your child.


With best wishes at this difficult time,


Jeremy Malessa-Thompson Clare Davies 

Head Teacher Chair of Governors


Communication methods:








School closure details


Steps taken to decide on whether to close the school will be as follows.

  • The Head teacher will seek advice from Local Authority and Chair of Governors and a joint decision will be made whether school should be open or not.


The decision to open school, or not, will be communicated to parents via

  • The school website
  • Email
  • App Notifications
  • Social Media


We encourage parents to ensure that we have up to date contact details at all times.  If you have any change to contact details please complete the Personal Details Form.