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What if my child or I am shielding

Shielding” means protecting those people who are extremely vulnerable to the serious complications of coronavirus because they have a particular existing health condition. This includes children, who are extremely vulnerable and at high risk of developing serious illness if they are exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19) because they have a particular serious underlying health condition. These individuals will have received a shielding letter from the Chief Medical Officer. Staff and learners in this category must not be asked to attend schools or settings but should be supported to work or learn from home.


My child is identified as clinically vulnerable in relation to COVID 19 what should I do?

Parents and carers should take advice from their GP or hospital doctor whether your child should attend school.


What will my child learn in school?

The time before the summer break is limited and it is important to put this time to best use and to focus of what is most important to support all of our learners. Welsh government have advised schools to:

  • spend time undertaking activities which support the health and well-being of learners and staff
  • check in with learners, undertake activities to develop their readiness for learning and begin to reintroduce in school learning as appropriate

Throughout the closure period, school work has continued to be provided to pupils via Google Classroom.  Teachers will continue to prepare classwork in this way for all pupils.

What if I don’t want my child to return to school just yet?
We understand that many parents might feel anxious about their child returning to school at this point.  We hope to reassure parents that we are putting comprehensive measures in place to ensure the safety of our pupils.  If you still decide not to send your child to school, then Google Classroom will still be updated daily with the relevant school work required. Please do let us know via the Return to School form if you are not planning for your child to return.  Parents will not be fined for choosing not to send their child to school prior to the end of the summer term.
At this stage we are unable to guarantee that siblings will be able to attend school on the same day.
Breakfast Club
At this stage, the breakfast club will not be offered to children.
Late Club / After School Club
Late club and after school club will not be running until the end of the school term. 
Lunchtime arrangements
In the Pupil Return to School survey we have asked parents to specify if their child will be requiring a hot school dinner.  Once we have collated the results we will liaise with Catering Services to determine if this is an option for children.
Children who receive free school meals will continue to receive in the normal way.
Pupils who bring packed lunches into school will be able eat these in their classroom with their pupil bubble.
Does my child need PPE / Will staff be wearing PPE
Government guidance does not currently specify that children or adults need to wear personal protective equipment in a school setting, unless undertaking particular duties.  We will continue to take advice from the Local Authority and Welsh Government on the use of PPE. 
Someone else usually collects my child whilst I am at work, can they still do this?
Government guidance would only allow someone to pick up a child from another household if a 2 metre distance is kept between them.  This would be very difficult with young children therefore we would advise only members from your household collect your child.
Will my child be taught by their usual teacher?
As a school we cannot guarantee this at the moment due to current government guidance.  The aim is to have at least one adult who will be familiar to the children in each class.  We aim to provide more information to you as we plan school staffing rotas.
Will my child be in a group with their friends?
Due to capacity constraints, pupils will need to attend school in blocks or bubbles.  At this stage we will be unable to manage capacity and ensure that friendships groups are allowed to attend school on the same day.
Can I send my child into school part way through the week?
It is suggested that ‘bubbles’ are created in schools to enhance the safety for children and staff.  Pupils will be allocated school days and where possible we will accommodate siblings on the same days.  Please contact us by email or telephone to discuss further.
How will my child know to social distance?
As a school we are required to ensure social distancing and hygiene arrangements are in place and supported.   Appropriate signage arrangements will be in touch to encourage pupils and staff to conform to the social distancing guidelines.