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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

Our Pupil’s Voice structure will help prepare our pupils for citizenship by teaching them about roles, rights and responsibilities within the school system, our local community and beyond. The roles of the Pupil’s Voice will centre around developing, promoting and embracing our school vision and values. 


Our vision is to ‘Inspire, Motivate and Educate’ and this includes children, families, staff and our wider community. 


Our values are: 

  • We try hard for each other
  • We act responsibly
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated
  • We work as a team
  • We trust and respect each other
  • We listen and learn together
  • We share knowledge and experience

Pupil Voice 2023/24


Junior Leaders

Pupil voice is integral to our school development and decision making and we are delighted to announce the role of Junior Leader within Oldcastle.


What is a Junior Leader?

We have appointed four Junior Leaders; two from Year Five and two from Year Six who will form part of the decision-making process alongside the school’s Senior Leadership Team.  As part of the role of junior leader, children must have a good understanding of the vision and values of Oldcastle Primary School, as these will underpin everything that we do.


  • Work with the school’s Senior Leadership Team to develop policies and procedures.
  • Work with teachers to ensure the pupils have a voice, and this is heard when planning and delivering the new curriculum.
  • Work with Senior Leaders and teachers to plan and deliver lessons based on the vision and values of Oldcastle Primary School.
  • Attend meetings regularly and actively participate in school improvement discussions.
  • Lead whole-school and phase assemblies when required (supported by staff) and visit classrooms regularly to provide support and advice.
  • Liaise regularly with the Class Reps and House Captains and give the Senior Leadership Team feedback on ideas, questions or concerns.
  • Support with planning enrichment, off-site and reward activities.
  • Be an advocate for Oldcastle, meeting visitors and promoting our work


House Captains


Roles and Responsibilities - House Captains

  • Be responsible for collecting points and updating the total points for each House.
  • Work with class teachers to plan and organise events, such as Sports Day, Eisteddfod and assemblies.
  • Be an advocate for the vision and values of Oldcastle Primary School.
  • Motivate and support members of the House when taking part in events, for example, during Sports Day and Eisteddfod.
  • Inspire members of the House by displaying positive attitudes and behaviours and being an excellent role model to others.
  • Undertake any additional jobs to support the smooth running of events.

Well-Being Team


Roles and Responsibilities - Well-Being Team

  • Promote Wellbeing throughout the school. 
  • Be an active member at meetings.
  • Be an advocate for the vision and values of Oldcastle. 
  • Undertake tasks provided by JLT to support whole school-focused events.
  • Being available as yard buddies for other pupils in school
  • Running breaks and lunchtime activities for small groups.


Class Representatives


Roles and Responsibilities - Class Representatives

  • Discuss focus areas with their class and gain the whole class perspective. 
  • Be an active member at meetings and provide feedback from class input.
  • Be an advocate for the vision and values of Oldcastle. 
  • Undertake tasks provided by JLT to support whole school-focused events.

Criw Cymraeg


Our Criw Cymraeg ensure the implementation of Welsh throughout the school.  The group have been instrumental in the achievement of the Siarter Iaith Silver and Bronze Awards.

Eco Committee

Our Eco committee has gained the Eco Schools Platinum award 


Our aims:

  • Renew Eco Schools Platinum award
  • Encourage active travel
  • Develop the school grounds
  • Recycle fruit waste and paper
  • Promote healthy eating and open a fruit shop for juniors


We encourage all children to be waste free in their lunch boxes. Waste free lunches are exactly what they say - lunches that create no waste.  Please help us by using a proper lunch box to put everything in - this can be reused again and again.  Use a refillable drinking bottle and reusable utensils not plastic throwaway ones.


You can also find out more information on how to make lunch boxes healthier on the Change 4 Life website. 

Children's Commissioner for Wales - Children's Rights