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Money raised towards school defibrillator!

Money raised towards school defibrillator!

Oldcastle Primary School is delighted to receive a donation of £500 from the Hub and Intel departments in South Wales Police towards a defibrillator.


The money has been raised by PC Ceri Francis, PC Rea Stephens and DI Dean Taylor from sales of their Tuck Shop within the police station. They have been hugely successful with their fundraising for charity and have also recently made a donation to the SCBU in the Princess of Wales hospital.


“Oldcastle Primary School is keen to purchase a defibrillator for the school to ensure the safety of our children, staff and other users of the school. The school is often hired privately by various groups so we wanted to ensure we could help someone in need of assistance with a cardiac arrest. We are so grateful to the officers in South Wales Police for this donation”. Jeremy Malessa-Thompson, Headteacher at Oldcastle Primary School.


“We were keen to support Oldcastle Primary School as our children, and other family members, attend the School or have previously attended. It has provided our children with a great start to life and when we heard about the fundraising efforts for a defibrillator we were keen to support something that is close to our hearts”. PC Rea Stephens, South Wales Police.


Oldcastle Primary is a busy primary school with over 400 children and the school is grateful for any assistance with fundraising and grant funding.