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School Council Sponsorship Event

School Council Sponsored Event

Following the success of our School Council sponsorship event last summer, the children have decided they would like to run the event once again.  This year the School Council are raising funds towards making improvements to the internal and external areas of the canteen. It is our vision to make improvements to these areas to make it more inviting for children who have school dinners and sandwiches.  


The sponsored event will take place week beginning 17th June.  There are various activities that children may choose and they would welcome sponsorship to encourage them. Sponsorship forms and money need to be returned by Monday 17th June.  

Activities include:

    • Number of balls kicked in the goal in a minute 
    • Number of words read in a minute 
    • Number of words typed on a Chromebook in a minute 
    • Complete the hopscotch without missing a step 
    • Number of laps on the sprint track 
    • Use a mini cycle to go round the track (nursery only) 

Sponsorship forms are available from School Council members or you may download a copy here.