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Oldcastle's Got Talent 2019

Oldcastle's Got Talent 2019

Wow what talent we have in Oldcastle Primary School.  Our children have been treated to some amazing performances from children in nursery through to year 6.  The judges found it really hard to choose winners out of such great talent.  Well done to everyone that took part.


Foundation Phase Winners

  • 1st Place - Nursery Comedy Act
  • 2nd Place - 2E 'True Colours' Sign Language and Singing
  • 3rd Place - Nursery 'Let it Go' Singers


Key Stage 2

  • 1st Place - Niamh M 4J 'Oldcastle's Got Talent' Poem
  • 2nd Place - Shannon D 4C - Calon Lan'
  • 3rd Place - Evan A 5J - Singing and entertaining


Congratulations everyone!  Here is a copy of Niamh's poem which made us all proud to be part of the Oldcastle Team.


My friend was standing next to me,

it was my turn on the stage

I'm a poet don't you know it

and I'm quite good at it for my age!

I'm actually quite nervous and I'm really going to try

hopefully to make YOU laugh

and me try not to cry!


We have a great headmaster

Mr Thompson, he runs the school

He rides a big flash motorbike

I suppose he is quite cool!


Miss Jones is my favourite of them all

she's kind and fun, she's my teacher too

she helps with English and explains our maths

which is something I can do!


We have been her first class to teach

The whole of this year four

she may even shed a tear at the end of term

when we say goodbye and go out the door.


Miss Davies is kind and happy,

she cheers us up when we are sad,

sometimes she needs to be strict

which really is not bad.


Miss Ellett is my music teacher 

now she can really sing a note

if she was on the x factor

she would always get my vote


Now, the dinner ladies 

they give us veg mix

that keeps us on the go!

How much we really hate it

I guess they'll never know.

We really like the chocolate cake

Its really quite a hit!

but there is a massive problem

We only get a bit!


The office staff 

are always helpful

If we are sad or have a bad tummy,

and if we are sick in school

they will always call our mummy.


Miss Evans

she runs a cricket team

and seems always on the move

Now shes a full teacher 

shes really found her groove!


Miss Hodgson is in charge of the nursery

She's always busy busy

I think it must be all those nursery kids

That make her dizzy dizzy.


I'm sorry I couldn't speak of everyone

in my little rhyme

my mum has sent me off to bed 

so I just don't have the time.


Niamh 4J (2019)